5 etiquette tips to remember while enjoying a limo rental service

Limousine-Booking-and-Party-Bus-Rentals-DallasRenting a limousine is something which we all dream of doing at least once. Travelling in a limo can make you feel special and like an important person. This makes sense because most of the limo rentals are made for business and corporate parties and purposes. Just because you feel special and like an important person when travelling in a rented limo doesn’t mean you get to do what you like. You have to be careful about how you behave and what kind of etiquette’s you follow when in a limousine booking in DFW airport service and other similar ones. The following are the 5 etiquette tips to remember while enjoying a limo rental service.

1. Make a detailed request

The first thing to remember when renting a limo is that you must make a detailed request to the company. Your booking request must be to the point and very detailed as this will enable you to enjoy whatever you want and also the company to serve you in the best way possible. You must specify the date, time, number of people travelling in the limo and the starting and ending point of the service. Also you must tell them whether you want a smoking limo or a non smoking one and other such similar details.

2. Enjoy all the perks

When you rent a limo, you will be getting several perks along with it too. So make sure you enjoy all of them and allow your chauffeur to be of service. Let him assist you with opening and closing the door and other such things.

3. Keep drinking to the minimum

It is true that you are allowed to drink in most of the limousines but it is advisable that you don’t overdo it and keep it to the minimum. This helps keep your relationship with the limo service as well as with the driver a professional one.

4. Keep yourself confined in the limo

Avoid taking your head, hand or other body parts out of the limo when it is in motion. This too is part of general etiquette’s to follow when riding in a limousine and also helps to keep you safe.

5. Don’t forget to tip the chauffeur

Another tip that you must follow is to give some tip to the chauffeur. Generally, it is advisable to tip anything between 15-20% of the total bill to the chauffeur.

Now that you know the general etiquette’s to keep in mind when travelling in a rented limo, you can easily rent one in Dallas, Texas by contacting Dallas Limo and Black car service which also provides Party Bus rentals.


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